Mittwoch, Mai 28, 2008

Nackt und blossgestellt steht er da

Am 5.September 2005 habe ich folgendes geschrieben:

Iraq- where does it end

Okay, the world has got rid of a dictator, that's the good news. On the other hand there is no substantive excusion, why one independent state, the USA, have turned into a crusade against an other independent state, the Iraq.

Iraq was not a threat to the U.S.
Nobody has found yet any mass-destructive weapons.
There is no proof of Iraq or saddam has supported international terrorism.

Instead every single day more people die now in Iraq than under saddam ever died.
The costs of the warfare have rised to such an amount, the american tax payer can't bare.

I don't think petrol profits will ever refund the expenses. I do admire the american way of life, but I don't think the world needs a self-nominated fighter for peace and justice.

Und nun bestätigt der EX-Pressesprecher von Dschordsch B., dass der Präsident der Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika von Anfang an es auf einen Krieg abgesehen hatte. Mein Respekt von Herrn Bush hat den absoluten Nullpunkt erreicht.

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